Home Remedies in Treating Pimple In Ears

Pimples in and around the ear can be very painful and causes irritation that can leave you mourning all the day. Sometimes the pain becomes very unbearable and can lead to severe ear problems. The skin is very sensitive around the ears and therefore any pimple erupting there may lead to severe discomfiture. However there are various home remedies that can be used to treat this problem.

One can treat the ear pain by washing the affected area with a mild soap or an antibacterial cleanser. It is always important to use hygienic products when it comes to cleaning the sensitive body parts. Ear is made of delicate tissues and therefore the area should be washed very gently without disturbing your skin. After washing, apply ear drops which you can purchase from a drug store but remember that while applying the drops do not disturb your skin since it causes more pimples to erupt. You can wash your ears and face twice a day to keep it hygienic and clean. This will prevent pimples from reoccurring.

Benzoyl Peroxite is an excellent medication that stops excess oil production in the ear and thereby prevents pimples. One can also use salicylic acid, sulphur or resorcinol but these should be taken only after consulting a medical expert or a chemist.

One has to be clean while dealing with pimples in the ears. Hairs fall on the ear and hence they should be kept clean and tidy so that its oil do not enters the ear tissues. Apart from it mild soap should be used since abrasive chemicals are harmful for the delicate ear tissues and cause bacteria to accumulate. One should also use pillow covers that are clean since while sleeping too there are ample chances to be infected with infections .In case of mild ear pain one should always follow home remedies but if the problems persists and severe pain starts its better to consult a medical expert.

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